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Monday, December 25, 2006


Well it’s that time of year again, Christmas. I like Christmas, mostly. I like getting stuff and getting to eat more stuff. But I always have to pose and deal with mom and her flashy box thing. It was even worse this year because she got a new flashy box thing.

So this is me in one of my presents. I don’t mind clothes, I really don’t. They keep me warm so I’m ok with them. I just have a ticked off look in this picture because mom got me up early and kept flashing that thing in my face. Besides this sweater I also got a shirt that says "pampered" on the back.

This is me checking out another of my presents. It takes a while to get a new chewy stick broke in. Don’t worry though; I’m more than up to the task. I got two chewy sticks; mom wouldn’t let me have both at once though.

I also got a large cuz. I love cuz; I’m like Joey that way. I have quite a collection, but this is my first large one. I’m still figuring this thing out. I can’t get my mouth around it enough to squeak it. Not that it squeaks anyway, it makes a sound half way between a duck quacking and a fart. I have figured out how to carry it around by its feet though.

My mom’s dad made me a camouflage jacket. I have wanted a camouflage jacket for a while but mom couldn’t find me one. I wanted one so I could sneak up on the squirrels in the back yard. Now they won’t see me coming. Hehe, they don’t have a chance now.

Besides all this stuff I also got some treats and a few stuffed toys. So it was a pretty good Christmas, except or mom getting her to flashy box. It also records movies with sound so as soon as she figures out how to post them on here she will.

I almost forgot, another Daisy Mae and Buster both tagged me. Three things I want for Christmas and three things I don't.

Three things I want:
1. My mom to take down all the scary Christmas decoration.
2. Not to have to get out of the nice warm bed in the morning.
3. I want to eat the same things for Christmas dinner as my family.

Three things I don't want:
1. A pedicure.
2. To be forced to hork up mushrooms when I eat them in the backyard.
3. A bath.

I'm not going to tag anyone becuse everyone else is already tagged or is going to get tagged.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!


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