Daisy's Life

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I've Been Taged

Thomas Peterson has tagged me. Tagging means that I tell you guys five weird things about myself. Then I Tag five other people and they do the same thing. So here I go.

1. My worst enemy in the world is mom's big, blue exercise ball. I hate that thing and I will kill it one day.

2. I don't get my nails clipped, I have my manicurist (AKA, Mom) file them down for me.

3. I won't go out in the rain unless I'm wearing a super-cute rain coat. Actually, any raincoat will do, I just don't want to get wet. If Mom sends me out in the rain without my coat on I just stand on the patio and look at her like she is crazy until she figures out that she forgot to put my coat on me.

4. Every once in a while I get the urge to walk around my house with my blanket over my back. I have had my blanket since mom got me and I love it. I'll walk around with it on my back for about ten minutes and then I'll get tired and take it off and not do it again for a few weeks.

5. Last but not least. Tomatoes. Just the word sets me all a quiver. I love tomatoes. I love love love tomatoes. They are my favorite treat in the entire world. I love them more than liver treats. Sometimes, when I go outside, I'll get one off of mom's plants and eat it. I can still remember the first time I tasted a tomato. Mom was sitting on the couch eating one and she let me have a lick. She saw how much I liked it so she look them up to see if they were bad for me. Well they're not so now, whenever mom is cutting up a tomato, I get a bite for myself.

Now for the other doggies that I'm going to tag.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cool New Toy

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted. I'll have to get on to my secretary- AKA, Mom.

Anyway, even though Mom does fall down on the job every once in a while she does still do good things for me. Like today she got me great new toy. It was so much fun, I tore that thing to shreds.

Also, another tidbit of information, mom says that I have something called an "Allergy." She says that I’m allergic to grass and that every time I go outside and roll around in the grass I get red splotches on my belly. She also says that I get really itchy afterwards to and scratch myself till I bleed. That part's not fun. What is fun is that I get my allergy pill in a glob of peanut butter every day. Mom thinks that I don't know that she is hiding my pill in the peanut butter but I do. I'm OK with it though, I'll do anything for some more peanut butter.