Daisy's Life

Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone.

This is my costume. I didn't get to help pick it out. I wanted to be a cat.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Nap With Esbe

Something amazing happened last night. Esbe (that's the cat in the picture, not the guy) actually got up and took a nap next to me. Everyone was surprised. This is the same cat that hissed at me if I was in the same room with her for the first month that I was here and she is still not that fond of me. I try to play with her. I nip her tail to get her to play but she just gets mad. A nipped tail never hurt anyone. I run by her really fast to try to get her to chase me but she tries to hit me. I chase her to see if she wants to be the one chased and not the one doing the chasing but that doesn't work either. Mom just gets mad at me. So were all pretty much in a state of shock. All of us except esbe. She acts like nothing happened.

I don't understand cats.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Cold Night

It was kind of cold the other night. My mom had gotten me a heated bed to sleep on which helps a lot but it was still kind of chilly.

My mom tired to take some pictures of me today while I was playing but I messed up every one of them. Hehehehehe, i'm a bad puppy.

I fell in love yesterday. My mom came home from the store with a new treat for me that I had never had before. It was long and yellow and mom called it a "Nanner." It was so sweet and soft. I didn't even need to use my teeth on it, I just mashed it up. However, I didn't get the whole thing. Mom broke off a piece for me and she ate the rest. Can you believe that? Here I am, a starving puppy, and I only get a little piece. I'm going to turn mom in for puppy abuse.

Friday, October 28, 2005

The Couch

The couch before I got up this morning.

The couch after I got up this morning

I don't know why my mom thought this was so funny. I had put every thing where I wanted it. I really worked hard on this and then she had to come clean it up. At least now everyone knows that I have a better sense of style than she does. She has to have the blankets just so and the pillows just right. That's so boring. This speaks of power and excitement. She should really have thanked me instead of cleaning it up. What will her friends think when they come over and see how she likes it? I'll tell you what they will think, they'll think she is boring and they will probably say "why don't you let Daisy decorate for you." Yeah, that's what they'll say.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

1st Post

Last night my mom was talking to her friend about what to get me for X-Mas. (I had some suggestions but she didn't bother to ask) Well her friend said I already had about everything so she didn't have any ideas. So my mom got to thinking and realized that I didn't have a presence on the internet so she got me one and here I am.

I would have preferred some bacon.

But I guess I should humor her. It's not like she doesn't do stuff for me. She feeds me, and keeps me clean, and plays with me, and buys me toys and treats, and gets me clothes to keep me warm. So I guess I can play around with this blog thing. (I'm pretty sure i'll still get some bacon anyway)

Well, the first post is always the hardest so i'll end it here and post more tomorrow.