Daisy's Life

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Doggie Cousins

I had so much fun this weekend. Me and mom went to visit family and I got to meet a new cousin of mine and an older cousin that I just hadn't met yet.
This is my new cousin, she is only eight weeks old. She's a Basset Hound. Guess what her name is. DAISY!!! So now I'm Big Daisy and she is Little Daisy. My mom said something about her becoming Big Daisy when she grows up but I just think that's my mom being crazy

We got to play and play and play.

I had to have my leash on and it had to be tied to something so that I wouldn't beg for food from everyone. So I got to sit there smelling honey-bar-b-q basted ribs and no one would give me a bite. That's OK though. Don't tell anyone but mom sneaked me a bite.

I also got to meet my cousin Coco the Pug. He was nice. He has a flat face like me so he understood how I was feeling in the heat. Mom kept all of us doggie cousins fully supplied with ice water so we were fine. What a fun weekend.

Friday, May 26, 2006

A New Home For My Cookies

For some reason mom decided that my cookies needed a new home. I don't understand her sometimes. The had a perfectly good home waiting for them, my belly.

I bet they're really lonely in there. I wish I could visit them.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mom's Flower

This is one of mom's flowers that survived the squirrels. I'm calling this "The Great Squirrel Invasion of 06." They better cool it with the digging and the munching or I'm going to ask Ayatollah Mugsy if I can borrow A.R.F. to help me with the situation.

Monday, May 22, 2006

All squirrels Must Die!!!

This post is to all the squirrels that keep digging in my mom's flower bed. She worked hard to plant those flowers and bulbs and you digging them up makes her mad. And when my mom gets mad, I get mad. So here is your last warning, quit messing up my mom's flowers of the following will happen to you.

Yeah, your scared now aren't you? Well you should be. I'm not playing around. All the times that you got away when I chased you were because I wanted you to get away. I will not be so generous next time.


Oh, and pass this along to all your little bunny friends. If they don't stay away from the tomato plants, the same warning goes for them too.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mmmmm . . . . Starbucks

Man do I love Starbucks. Mainly their Blackberry - Green Tea - Frapachino though, I'm not a big coffee fan.
First I clean the lid. There is always some residue there. I don't want to miss a drop.

Then I start on the cup. Mmm, so good.

Eventually I have to really start working for it. I can't quite get my whole head in the cup.

Hold on, I think I can reach . . . just a . . . bit . . . more.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Baby Pictures

Mom was in a nostalgic mood today so she wanted me to post some of my baby pictures. This is the first picture she has of me. She took it right after she got me. Those two little dots on my head or two little bobos. Mom doesn't know how I got them because I already had them when she got me. I can't remember how I got them either.
This is me with Big Mean Kitty. He was my first toy. I still have him but mom won't let me play with him anymore. Mom is crazy.

My first night with my mom. That is my blanket. I still have that too and mom still lets me use it. I don't really snuggle with it any more. I walk around with it over my back. Mom says I'm crazy.

And this is just me.